What to blog about (and why) …


 Here are 10 things that you might wish to bog about, followed by 38 reasons why. 

According to Wikipedia  a ‘blog’ may be defined as an online journal or diary – presumably one kept in public. This is not the sort of blog I am suggesting here. We may use this space for personal, diary type entries (anything goes)  – but I think there are also other  meaningful things to blog about. Below then are a few suggested types of posts Doctoral Researchers may wish to offer. This is not intended to restrict potential contributions. It is to suggest possibilities.

You may wish to offer blogs that:

1)   outline your reaction to and continues a discussion started over an EdD weekend (the considered rather than spontaneous contribution)

2)  include a short extract (with or without a comment)  from something you have read and enjoyed* that others might also find interesting

3)  as above but instead of ‘enjoyed’:  *found annoying, *found incomprehensible,*thought utterly misguided, *that seem to sum up a situation neatly …. in other words any aspect of your reading to which you have had an emotional reaction.

4)  introduce your emerging research ideas: why this area of research matters and why does it matter now

5)  explore a concept  from one particular or several angles

6)  introduce an important area for discussion: why does this subject / theory / methodology matter and why does it matter  now

7)  review or respond in some other way to a book, research methodology, research paper

8)  explore any aspect of academic practice. For example: productive procrastination, metaphors for writing, where I write (writing spaces and places), how to get published

9)  offer advice to your fellow doctoral researchers

10)  contribute towards our growing and collective understanding of doing a professional doctorate and being a doctoral researcher ….

Here are 38 reasons suggested by one blogging community about why you should blog about your research.



Image by Rene Navas


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