Blogging: a few house rules


This blog is a shared space for learning-in-transition.


These are not fully shaped highly cultivated views but throw away thoughts, comments and exchanges. Writing-as-knowledge making rather than writing-as-knowledge showing.

But, because it is a shared space that represents the spill over from the University of Hull, EdD with all the limitations and qualifiers this implies  – I want to establish a few ground rules to make sure no one feels compromised by this space.


Rule # 1   Respect the anonymity and confidentiality of your co-researchers.

Those who contribute towards this blog are at liberty to identify themselves by name if they wish, but they are asked to refrain from naming any other person or place and their contribution towards EdD discussions in anything they write.


Rule # 2   Respect the anonymity and confidentiality of others.

This is a good indication of the kinds of ethical considerations you will need to manage when undertaking research. Please make your comments as abstract as possible. I’d avoid anything that night reference a person, place or event. This is a blog for the exchange of ideas rather then biographies that implicate others.


Rule # 3   Don’t take edits to heart

Blog posts and comments should ideally be brief and to the point – enabling the busiest multi-taskers among us to read, understand, enjoy and engage with what you have to say. Longer blog posts might be better as two or three different blogs. As such – I (and the EdD team) reserve the right to edit. If we cut what you post – don’t take it to heart. All established writers are made better writers with the help of an editor.


Rule # 4   Anarchy in Hull

This blog is for learning-in-transition.  It is not a space for tight control and restriction. Say what you like (keep it sweet, please!). The aim of the blog is to support, to provide a pedagogy with/in and through the public domain; to share ideas. To write without having to comply with an externally imposed agenda. These rules – aren’t really rules. They are the EdD teams attempt to create a safe, stimulating, experimental space.


Rule # 5 Mystery Blogger

Any Doctoral Researcher who does not wish to publish under their own name – is welcome to email me and I will publish a post for them under the name of MysteryBlogger. This means that some posts may appear as if written by azumahcarol, but they are in fact written by someone else. 


Dr Carol Azumah Dennis


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