The EdD Experience: Dear EdD

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Dear EdD

Sometimes I really hate you. You get in the way of me having a normal life, of me helping my son do H&S homework, of me sitting in the sun and reading a good book, of me taking my dogs for a long walk on the weekend, of me sleeping.  You have made my brain feel like it’s melting and introduced me to loads of new words that I still don’t fully understand and some of which I can’t even say.  Sometimes, I wish I’d never met you.

Then sometimes I wake up in a morning with an idea or a new question and it makes me want to go and sit in my little room and read and explore and immerse myself and try to understand. You have taught me to read again, to always read with an open and questioning attitude. You’ve helped me to remember what I liked about studying when I was an undergraduate 26 plus years ago, and through you I am learning about really difficult things in a really positive, immersive and holistic way.  I am clearer too about why my work is important outside of my own understanding of it, and I want to be better at it.  I know my family is really proud of me and that they don’t mind me not being there all the time, and it helps a lot to know that they will be there when I walk across the stage at graduation.  Also I’ve met some truly lovely people who I hope will be friends for life.

So thanks EdD, for everything, and sorry for the times I hate you.






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