Heutagogy – the continuum

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By @REFITClass

A eureka ‘I didn’t know that!’ moment stems from my analysis of an article read from the journal of research in learning technologies by German researcher Lisa Blaschke (2014). On first thoughts it is a fantastic study that raises many questions as I critique the ethical implications here…However I slightly digress towards another inference that social media indirectly enhances Heutagogy…the act of self determined learning.

As I refer to social media posts on the concept and issue I reflect and raise a thought: due to a vast series of posts there seems to be a continuum between pedagogy and heutagogy …I discover a whole blog site devoted to heutagogy and the more I read the greater I reflect on what it is to be a good educator. I believe heutagogical practice should be common practice! It has always been common in my own practice as a clinician, educator and social being before I even discovered this word!
But then I critique the thoughts…I also summise that heutagogical practice goes hand in hand with self motivation…In my life to date, I have come to realise that my self motivation is higher than ‘the average’…not fully sure why but perhaps background, life experiences, natural questioning persona, desire in furthering self development and a natural wish to be ‘different’ are sure key factors for to self-motivation.
Does everyone wish to be different? Aren’t we different by natural design? Does a key to fostering creativity lie in developing motivation in a heutagogical fashion? Lots of questions, not many absolute answers! Are there meant to be? I will continue to research and educate ‘heutagogically’!


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