Academic respect and appreciation

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academic star

By @REFITClass

To be respected and admired is priceless and we all have our own opinions of what it takes to earn respect and be admired. Last weekend I was immersed in an ever growing database of thought provoking book chapters and research papers that provide knowledge, raising questions in my mind about learning technologies and ethical implications. As I close the 4th chapter about ethical decision making in the book ‘Virtual worlds for online learning’ by Delgarno et al (2015) and tag it in my newly created ‘diigo’ library, I am so pleasantly surprised by a series of notifications to my twitter feed.

Within 24 hours of sharing my admiration for a fellow researcher online I receive her recognition of my admiration! How epic! Ultimate respect goes to Lisa M Blaschke, the author of a study on social media and heutagogy (2014) that I was engrossed in this weekend; her acknowledgement to my twitter account has left such a lasting positive impression on me and cements the huge respect and admiration I have for myself and others! It is the little acts in our ever changing, real time and tiny world that provides immense motivation to academic stars.


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