University of Hull, Professional Doctorate – come along on Thursday 4th June @ 6.00pm to find out more

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It’s that time of year when the marking is almost but not quite done. The programme evaluations have been completed and (without even pausing for breath) we have start thinking about the new academic year.

Looking through the feedback from the EdD, I was stunned to note the comment below from one of our students. We run the EdD over four weekends during the year. They’re quite intense weekends and we have to balance a full-on active programme with lectures and time to  think.

When asked about the weekend, this is what someone wrote:

[I was] Pretty engaged with it all. I never once looked at the clock to see where we were in the day. Felt very immersed in it. I am sure the variety of teaching and learning approaches used in the weekend has something to do with this. Certainly I would have definitely disengaged if there had been lots of lecturing for example. Similarly, if there had been lots of active learning then I might have struggled.

Could any of us have hoped for better feedback? With that in mind, I’m looking forward to the next cohort and meeting prospective students at a welcome and wine evening on

Thursday 4th June,  at 6.00pm  at University of Hull, Wilberforce Building, 3rd floor: Room 352. 


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